MOTOROLA XPRT is like an office that’s fun to visit. Edit documents, access your work directory, schedule appointments — all on the go — then use the blazing web browsing with Adobe® Flash® 10 to plan the rest of your evening. It’s the best of business casual.

More of better, faster:  With its speedy 1 GHz processor and Adobe Flash 10, MOTOROLA XPRT lets you browse more rich web content with the ease of a PC. Capture that embarrassing moment with the 5 MP camera — your boss has to promote you now!

From Tokyo to Timbuktu:  MOTOROLA XPRT allows you to hit the road, and then keep on going. Make calls from more than 200 countries. Or, back in the United States, use your phone as a 3G mobile hotspot*, connecting up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. Now you’re in business!

Don’t ask, don’t tell: Top secret? Not a problem. You’ve got the highest out-of-the-box security options available on a Sprint Android smartphone. Sleep easy, with PIN and password protection; local and remote data wipe; phone and SD card encryption; and, more than 30 other security-driven features.

Talk long and prosper:  Go ahead. Call mom. The MOTOROLA XPRT gives you up to nine hours of talk time out of the box, with a best-in-class 1860 mAh battery. Now that’s a conversation starter.

The MOTOROLA XPRT is part business, part casual. It’s an elegant and efficient smartphone that helps you stay productive at work, but also knows when it’s time to play.

See the MOTOROLA XPRT in action, with its 3.1-inch touchscreen display and professional sleek design. It’s a lean, efficient business machine that’s not afraid to play.

MOTOROLA XPRT has an optimized portrait-oriented QWERTY keyboard measuring 54x27mm for optimal one or two handed use, and with a large 3.1-inch touchscreen display, you can get the job done even faster.



Across the world or in your backyard, what you want is at your fingertips, no Wi-Fi hotspots required. The Motorola PHOTON 4G runs on Sprint’s 4G network and has worldphone capabilities, removing all limits to what you can do. Read an email from your boss, watch your favorite show or surprise that special someone with a video call from anywhere.Big time potential – Add Motorola’s exclusive webtop application and compatible accessory and transform the Motorola PHOTON 4G into a mobile multi-purpose station. Watch movies, browse the web, work on all types of documents, and even take calls on any HD screen.Do it all with ease – Whether watching a movie, video chatting with a colleague, or just checking email, flip out the kickstand and forget about tired arms and strained necks.Safe and secure – With revolutionary business-ready functionality, like data encryption and remote device management, Motorola PHOTON 4G is primed for your toughest business needs.

On Sprint’s 4G network, Motorola PHOTON 4G is up to 10 times faster than phones on 3G networks. Download movies at supersonic speeds, run multiple apps and view the web’s best content with Adobe® Flash®. It’s everything you want, faster than you believe possible.

It’s here. Blazing downloads, amazing graphics performance, unrestrained connectivity. Motorola PHOTON 4G is the ultimate in mobile entertainment. Enjoy everything hands-free with the multimedia kickstand or experience it all on a big screen using Motorola’s webtop application and HD Station. Amazing.

It starts with the 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of PC-grade RAM, but it doesn’t stop there. We added an 8MP camera with dual LED flash, brilliantly crisp HD video capture and space for up to 48GB of storage. We give powerful a new meaning.

Once you have your PHOTON 4G you’ll want to trick it out with some exclusive accessories. There’s the HD Station that lets you easily connect to an HD TV or monitor. And the Vehicle Dock quickly puts your PHOTON 4G into co-pilot mode so you stay focused on the road.



Verizon’s first 4G LTE dual-core smartphone turns minutes into seconds by browsing, streaming, multitasking and downloading at speeds up to 10x faster than 3G.* DROID BIONIC even doubles as a mobile hotspot, so you can share the insanely fast 4G connection with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.
PC’s Hard Drive in Your Pocket: The free ZumoCast app lets you view, download or stream content from your home or work PC (without maxing out the phone’s massive onboard memory), giving you secure, nearly instant remote access to your files.
The Big Picture: Connect your DROID BIONIC to a webtop-enabled accessory*** and instantly, our revolutionary webtop app displays your phone’s interface on a monitor or HD TV. Surf the web, make a call, send a text, stream a video or run an app on a full Firefox® browser, all at the same time and while the phone charges.

Crisp text, vivid imagery and the astounding colors of qHD — that’s the power of more than 500,000 pixels. High-res on the DROID BIONIC’s huge 4.3-inch display is the perfect way to blow away boredom. Instantly stream Netflix’s huge library of movies and TV programs.

Get right to work with DROID BIONIC’s re-sizable and scrollable email, calendar and task widgets that you access straight from the home screen (that’s right — no apps to open). And, don’t worry about your data. With device and SD card encryption, security is tight.

From “How To” videos to Quick Start guides, FAQs to expert forums, find the answers you need to get the most out of your DROID BIONIC.